Juliette Bruce


"Justice. To be ever ready to admit that another person is something quite different from what we read when he is there (or when we think about him). Or rather, to read in him that he is certainly something different, perhaps something completely different from what we read in him. Every being cries out silently to be read differently.” ~ Simone Weil

I believe strongly in the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and justice, and am passionate about promoting these values within the mathematical and academic community. If you are also passionate about these topics and would like to chat, or better yet have ideas for action, please contact me!

One important step is recognizing and aknowldging that our communities (mathematical, academic, societal) have historically been, and continue to be, places in which people from various groups are unwelcome, with this unwelcomeness being expressed through bias, discrimination, hate, and violence. In recognizing this it is important to commit to changing this situation. For me personally, I have tried to capture my commitment to this in the following statement.

Math Circles

I am a one of student organizers of the Madison Math Circle, which seeks to cultivate an excitement and passion for mathematics in middle and high school students. One of my goals in working with this organization is broadening its reach and impact. We have worked towards this by beginning to hold meetings off campus at local schools and partnering with other community organizations. Previously I was involved as an volunteer and student organizer of the Michigan Math Circle.

Department Work

Misc. Resources

Here is a collection of miscellaneous links to organizations doing great work and articles I have found formative.

I see you, I accept you, and I affirm you.